Disadvantages Of Choosing Apartments

Man has become the busiest thing on earth. It is true that there are other creatures such as ants that work almost their whole lifetime. But, people are so busy that sometimes they don’t even have time for their own families. When compared to what people’s lives were like before fifty years ago, we can see that currently there is a big difference in our lifestyles. Our lives are based on careers, education and so many different activities. We can see that many people have drifted away from having traditional individual houses. Instead, they have chosen urban apartments to be their home. People choose them because they bring benefits such as security, ease of maintenance, good services and etc. The experience of living in an apartment will definitely be a different one from that you get from living in a normal house. Even if there are many benefits that these can offer us, there are also some drawbacks in choosing to live in apartments.

Limited area

It is true that there are apartments that have a lot of space. But, in general apartments tend to have smaller rooms or living rooms. But, good companies provide well balanced plans. As an example, if we take Signature at Yishun site plan, we can see that these apartments have been planned very well before being built. But, usually lack of space or space being limited can be an issue for people who live in apartments.

Lack of outer space

If you live in an apartment you will not have outside space to maintain a garden. Some apartments tend to have rooftop gardens that are common for everyone living in the complex. But, this does not match the excitement of having your own garden. So, if a person is a lover of nature or wants to have a garden or his or her own apartments will not allow that.


There are various limitations in an apartment complex. Most of these places do not allow the people to keep pets. Even if they do, there will be a separate set of rules that the pet owners will have to follow.

High prices

The prices of these apartments tend to be a little higher than usual. But, this is due to the facilities that are being provided by them. For an instance, signature at Yishun ec price levels tend to be high because of the good quality and the luxury provisions.

There are a few disadvantages that you may have to face if you live in an apartment. Make sure to think about what is best for you while making decisions.